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Education Director - Audry Blinstrup


Servant Leader – Gerald DeMar

Servant Leader – Courtney R Caruthers

The Education Department works with Leadership to ensure that classes are in place for each stage of Christian growth to build and edify the members of the congregation through educational opportunities.

The VISION of the Colonial Village Church of Christ is transforming the heart and soul through the teaching of the word of God and applicable bible study lessons as well as evoking a spirit of sharing the gospel of Christ to the saved and unsaved.



Servant Leader – Robert Terry

The Evangelism Team’s primary purpose is to share the Good News by reaching out to people within the community, and non-member visitors to our congregation.



Servant Leader – Courtney R. Caruthers

Food Pantry 

Ministry Leader – Walter Dardon

Coordinator - Vivian Scanlan

The mission of the Food Pantry Ministry is to provide for the nutritional needs of disadvantaged families or individuals within our community.


The Benevolence Ministry provides assistance to the poor and to those in need of food, clothing, shelter, and emergency financial assistance as approved by Leadership.

This ministry uplifts, trains, and builds-up the Church body to ensure that the talents and abilities are being used to the glory of GOD.

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